Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wilmer City Council Meets Thursday 2/19

The Wilmer City Council will meet in the Wilmer Community Center on Thursday, February 19 at 7:30PM. Click Here to View the Meeting Announcement.

There's quite a full agenda, encompassing many items from the last planned meeting which was adjourned abruptly.


tslauer said...

Now that looks like an Alice Holloway - cover my butt agenda if I ever saw one. I wonder if the intention was to make it a discussion only item on her performance, or if she changed it to protect her butt and will call it a "misunderstanding of the council member('s) intention(s)"? Time will tell here. I think she sees the writing on the wall and will try to fight it like she did Ferris. Just my thoughts.

John said...

Still lurking in the background are we Thom?

tslauer said...

Just passing my thoughts along, as anyone and everyone is entitled to in this great country of ours.

It always amazes me how some people would climb aboard the titanic if it netted them a few minutes of fame before sinking... John.

The price is too high and the rewards too little for a trip on that oceanliner.

I have done my 20 and now I am no more than a remark every now and then. Be glad. I am.

I leave it to the next generation, who have proven beyond all doubt that they are no more and no better than they accused us of. They have already proven that.

The scary thing is that they don't see it.

The in-fighting and the back-stabbing continues well beyond my exit. That tells me it wasn't us. It was Wilmer, and still is.

Lurking? Yeah, I suppose so. As politically motivated as it has been at times, Joe's column still makes for good reading.

As Mayor Linda always said, Wilmer "is what it is." There never was anything pretentious about her. She always hit a person straight on and you knew exactly what she was thinking and how she felt. I respected that. Still do. It does not lead me to wonder how much more effective she would have been had she stuck to her guns and turned a deaf ear to the outside voices that helped guide her. I feel I already know.

For me, Wilmer is a memory of great friends, great people, and great opportunities. It is also a memory of much sweat and tears. But the most profound memory I have is watching all the hard work of all the good people pale in the shadows of a few rotten apples looking for stardom. That is sad.

So be it. I guess that is anywhere you go.

John, when you wrote all those trashy novels and placed them so eloquently on urine-colored paper and passed them out to the many thousands of residents that did not even want them, you were so proud of your work. If all I have to do is sit around and write a little lick every now and then about a city I devoted 20 years to, I feel I am entitled.

Chill John, not everything you have touched in Wilmer has turned to gold either. Are we really that different, or just on opposite sides of the fence?

Once again, just my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Thom, Thom, Thom, this is not the making of Alice Holloway. She added this item to the agenda the way that Mayor Steele told her to. He is the one that took liberties with how items were posted. He knew what Tiny wanted and how she wanted it. He is under the misunderstanding that he controls the agendas. He really doesn't have a clue that he works for the council. He is acting childish and thinks he is entitled. He needs to read his city's ordinances and educate himself. There was NO misunderstanding. Steele did it intentionally. The games people play. As far as Tiny posting an agenda, she would be allowed to under certain conditions. 1. it must be posted within the 72 hr time frame.
2. she must sign it
3. she must see that ALL members of the council receive it.
4. if an employee is being addressed, Tiny must also notify them
5. she must also include the right code or statute that pertains to employees.
Nowhere in the statutes does it state exactly who has the authority to post agendas, just that all of the criteria is met, so that there is no violation of the open meetings act.

As a parting thought....I wish these people would come up with some new ideas on how to look stupid. It seems that when one side goes out, the other side takes up the stupidness. Is there anyone there that has had an original idea in years? Darn Thom, they still use some of your hair brain ideas, like: ooooo if they get elected we will all be fired. Or oooooo Steele claims he lives in Lancaster. No new ideas, just different twists. They even take plays out of the Hudson rule book. Now I can understand Tiny and her nimb-witted followers (Lowe-Dean) but must Steele steal from them too! Surly he has his own play book, Or does he?
There were a few of us who thought that with bringing Steele on board, we just might get the chance to leave OZ. But, alas it is not to be.....instead of Hudson hiding behind the smoke and mirrors, we have Mayor Steele hiding and playing games, that are best left for children than for adults. SO why don't you all take your toys home and leave them there. Try coming back and acting like adults and getting the job done for the citizens that put you there.

Remember that Alice Holloway works for the Council and Not Mayor Steele, it is their right to put her on the agenda and remove her if they feel she is not doing the job they think she should be doing. (I think that they are just lining up to bring Birdwell back and there is nothing Steele can do to stop them) But, isn't that always the way it goes, when on side has control and the other doesn't?)

tslauer said...

Your points are well taken, but you are wrong about one... I never said we would all be fired, I only said I would be fired...and I was.