Friday, February 6, 2009

Council Meeting Adjourned

The planned workshop meeting presentation by the Allen Group was cancelled because of scheduling conflicts. And just as the 7:30 Council Meeting started, it was quickly over with Tiny Lange's motion to adjourn. No business was conducted Click Here to View the Agenda that didn't happen!

Eugene Lowe gave the invocation to begin the meeting and there were no speakers from the community signed up to address the council. The first and only item undertaken by the council was to receive the Water Department report on the status of the #2 Well repairs.

Before the consent items or any of the remaining agenda items could be taken up, Tiny Lange asked to be recognized and moved for adjournment, seconded by Eugene Lowe. The motion to adjourn carried with Lowe, Rolison and Lange voting to adjourn.
Evidently, an agenda item requested by several council members had been omitted from the agenda by the mayor, prompting the adjournment move.

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The Observer said...

Tiny has been on the City Council long enough that she knows the proper procedure for submitting an item for the agenda. This came across as a spoiled child saying, "If I can't have my way, I'll just take my toys and go home!" Grow up. Be an adult and don't play these political games. We have a city to run.

The Associate Moderator said...

I wish to agree with The Observer. But I also believe that Steele has taken this to a point where he has lost touch with ethics and legality and is playing to the choir (Allen Group). I think he needs to see that his attempts to turn Wilmer into a publicity campaign for Steele Enterprises is just yanking the chains of all Wilmer residents and giving nothing in return near what he is taking. They all need to grow up and see the writing on the wall. Wilmer is sinking in a sesspool of dishonest or crooked politicians. Development is falling off from a failed economy and major depression, and the Allen Group is nothing more than hot air and crooked deals.

Just Asking said...

The one thing that stands out here, is what was Mayor Steel thinking? The last time I checked, the city of Wilmer is a Council form of government. Since when can the Mayor leave things off an agenda, that a council member has requested to have put on? Has the Mayor forgotten who runs the city? It should not be long before the council shows Steele who really runs the city. THE COUNCIL.. If he continues in this vein, then he will be no better than those he claims to be against. Interesting enough to watch...Tiny may not have acted in a very mature matter, but Steele thinks he has the right to not do something they have asked him to do...Maybe he just doesn't like the idea that he answers to the council. He only has as much power as the council gives him and the last time I checked, he is in charge of the budget and running the meetings? The council has retained control over everything else....