Monday, December 15, 2008

Allen Group Workshop Meeting TONIGHT

The City of Wilmer will host a workshop session to discuss elemets of a pre-annexation proposal for The Allen Group properties near Wilmer. This is a informationn and discussion meeting to develop a preannexation proposal - No council action will be taken. If you've wanted to know what's going on and be informed and involved in the Wilmer community, this is the meeting you'll want to attend. Community Center 7:30PM TONIGHT.

Click Here to View the Meeting Notice Agenda posted at City Hall 12/12/08.


wilmer said...

Where is the new agenda? I thought it would be up by now. Thanks for all your help.

wilmer said...

Joe? HELLO? Where are you? Are you ok? We miss you. Quit hanging around the restaurant all day and come home and write stories for us. We need the scoop! Thanks for all you do for us!

Editor Publisher said...

Sorry to all those readers out there wanting more news - With the Christmas Holidays fully upon us it is difficult to find the time or motivation to dig for news - out here in the cold - we'll be caught up before 2009 pops up on our calendars - Happy Holidays!