Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mayor Steele Addresses Wilmer Employees

Mayor Jeff Steele in a letter to City employees promised a new and consistent city administration process eliminating the stresses and worries of employees for their jobs when new City Councils are seated.

For your convenience, Click Here to view the letter in a separate window.

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wilmer said...

I find it interesting that he could promise safety and security for the employees when he has no way of providing it.

Three council members make ALL decisions, and if he goes against Terrible Tiny, he will lose the vote. He has no control over the council, the votes, the employees or their future.

I guess he is in the clouds like Leal and the rest were when they were new. But that's ok, that's where Terrible Tiny wants them. Stupid and naive. Remember Tiny, "Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely!!"

Enjoy it while you have it. An election is not the only way to remove a council member. "wink"