Monday, November 3, 2008

City Council Meets November 6

The next city council meeting at 7:30PM Thursday night has several interesting items including the appointment of a new city administrator, a new city secretary, and a new mayor.
Click Here to View the Council Meeting Agenda.

We're not exactly sure how the city can proceed with the appointments of new city secretary and administrator without clearing up the employment status and/or litigation status of the former occupants of those positions.

The purchase of a new ambulance and the rehiring of Teri Cohen in the Wilmer PD are also on the agenda for consideration.

Evidently. there is a Wilmer Water Advisory Board that will make a report to the City Council on Dallas Water. We were unaware of any such board being created and we certainly have not seen any announcements of their public meetings. However, we are almost certain that some select group of individuals has met privately and with no public notice of their deliberations or input from the residents of Wilmer.


Anonymous said...

How come they have not officially accepted Hudsons resignation by having it on the agenda and voting on it? In the past this has been the practice. Over and over again. But, here they are changing the rules? Lets see, the attorney told them they do not have to formally accept it? Shouldn't this be done before they pick a new Mayor?

Editor Publisher said...

We asked this question of the ity Attornney in a recent fax message but have received no reply as yet. He will probably be at the meeting since there is an executive session scheduled and he has attended all those lately. My GUESS is that the Mayor's resignation didn't require an acceptance because having admitted he resided in another county, he couldn't legally retain his post anyway. We also want to ask about the city administrator & secretary appointments - wonder if some settlements have been made and why the city council didn't need to approve those actions. Last I heard, Crystol Birdwell was still the City Secretary on unpaid administrative leave!