Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tonight City Council Agenda

The City of Wilmer has posted a surprising agenda for tonight's meeting that does not include the appointment of a mayor or new council member. Click Here to View the Complete Agenda.

Top of the agenda (after consent items and minutes of past meetings) is the "hearing" for currently-on-unpaid-administrative-leave City Secretary Crystol Birdwell in executive session.

Following that item, the city council will consider designating authorized signatures for all bank accounts. With a vacancy on the governing body and no City Secretary or City Administrator in place, it seems out of order to consider who can control the city's bank accounts to this reporter.

The council will then consider whether or not to accept bids for a new ambulance. With the capital expenditure required for such a purchase, it is inconceivable that statutes would allow such a large purchase without a formal bid process. Unless the city council is planning not to purchase one.
Evidently it is more important to allow the library to accept canned goods in lieu of late fees until December 20 and to deny the Oncor request for a rate change than to fill empty positions within the governing body.

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