Wednesday, October 1, 2008


In a fax received from Wilmer City Administration this morning, it was announced that Mayor Don Hudson resigned effective at midnight and Mayor Pro Tem Matias Leal would be taking the Mayoral chair until a new mayor could be appointed.

Read the Press Release - Click Here

We will update this story as more information becomes available.


Josh & Jen said...

That is intense.

Good job on keeping it all timely, even here in Wilmer -- even getting it out ahead of Ellis County Press and Dallas Morning News.

Did you here about the man's body who was hit in the middle of the road in Wilmer?

Wisdoms Pearl said...

Hallelujah !!!!!!!!!!
There is a God and He is good!
Need at least 2 more resignations!

The Observer said...

Thank goodness! Of course, he has left that poor boob, Leal, in his place and Leal will be controlled by remote. Did Don finally fill all his commitments to the developers or was there just no more money to be made? Well as they say, thank God and Greyhound he's gone!