Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wilmer Club Featured in CBS 11 Report

Wilmer's Silver Minx "swingers club" was featured in a Channel 11 report September 24. Readers may remember we covered the story back in November 2007. Click Here to View Our Story.

Stephanie Lucero reported on the "swingers club" scene in the Metroplex, and we couldn't help but notice a local Wilmer landmark figured prominently in her report. Wilmer's Mayor was quoted off-camera on the televised report as "wanting to shut the club down".
Click Here to View Chanel 11 Story Online!

The report also discussed the ongoing battle in Duncanville with the Cherry Pit, and mentioned Dallas' 13th Floor club as well as a recently closed club in McKinney.

Last week's Dallas Observer covered the story "Swingtown" in much greater detail and included interviews with Mr. Trulock, one of the owners of the Cherry Pit in Duncanville. DO also reported on the very upscale Iniquity Club in Dallas, which operates as an "off premise, couples only" club with a private membership. Click Here to View the Dallas Observer article.

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