Thursday, September 18, 2008

Tonight City Council Meeting Agenda Posted

WPC received a fax today detailing tonight's City Council Meeting. Click Here to View the Agenda for tonight's city council meeting.

Items under the category "Old Business" include action on the drainage easement South of Belt Line at I45.

Also included are the motion to reconsider the annexation of 95+ acres West of Wilmer off Belt Line Road (Xebec Corporation) which had failed at the last meeting and both the annexation and planned zoning change from SF1 to PD4.

New Business includes a public hearing on the Proposed Budget, one on the Proposed Tax Levy for 2009, presentations on the proposed batch concrete plant on the Estes property, and seeking status with the TCEQ regarding the batch plant.

Executive session items include the proposed hiring of a new Senior Citizen Assistant. No mention was made of a hearing o the termination of City Secretary Crystol Birdwell.

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Wisdoms Pearl said...

It was asked after the meeting, "What happened to the water the Allen Group promised 2 years ago?"

Answer, "Well, that's just it. It was 2 years ago and the Mayor and City Council just dragged their feet and failed to do anything. Now, inflation has run the price up. And the Group can't afford it now."

Pardon me, was there a construction plan on the table two years ago? And, even if there was-- Was there a contractor hired or did the Allen Group still need to hire one?

And, if they still needed to hire one, do you folks know how long it takes from idea, to approach, to acquire the land, to plan, to construction blueprints, to bid, to sign a contract, to get all the clearances from all the people who have regs in the way?

Ok, Allen Group there are not as many i's to dot or t's to cross here in Texas as in California. But, too late?

I know heavy constuction and land modification. I was carrying a rod, checking stakes, and checking closures when I should have been having fun with kids my own age.

My Dad's company did a lot of heavy industrial sites after the WWII--in Houston and from here to California (of course before the environmental controls went into effect there) to Nebraska and across Missouri and Arkansas.

No, it is not too late to keep your word and your honor. Dad's company never went back on their word---handshake or signed contract. But, then again that was another time when honor and character, handshakes, and contracts meant something.

Thanks God I had role models like J.L.Allhands, J.J. Briley, and John Stemmons. Your honor and reputation are the only things of value that you own and can protect.