Thursday, September 4, 2008

Misleading Blog Comments

There have been a number of misleading comments posted on the blog recently. For the time being, all comments will be withheld from publication until we plot a solution. Participate in our web poll and let us have your input (see right panel). And continue sending in your comments so they can be published - we are not rejecting or deleting your comments - just delaying publication for a bit!

Here's the situation folks: a number of commenters on this blog seem to be using misleading nicknames/handles - evidently several different user names have been created for some readers. Most recently this involved the misleading user name "Windy" - in the past it was "Administrator". A single user can have a dialog with him/herself in the comments section - making it appear that "people are talking" when it's really just one voice.

In the interim, until we decide upon a solution to the problem, let's just say we're going to stiffen up the editorial parameters on nicknames which will introduce additional delays in getting your comments posted.

We may even remove some previously published comments, eliminate comments completely, or perhaps only allow comments from SUBSCRIBED users. To subscribe to the blog means that you want new postings sent to your email address - while your comments may be "anonymous", we'll still be able to tell your email address.

Another alternative is to restrict comments to "invited" users. This would only let those persons/users/logons I place in a list - not on the list = can't comment. If we choose to enable this feature, anybody who wants to comment has to tell us first (by phone/fax/email) so they can added to the list.

We understand this may seem like censorship - but it's not about the content of your comments - it's about making sure this publication doesn't become a political tool for special interests. We don't want to spread propaganda that we have no control over - that's what editorial perspective is all about. Thanks for your understanding (or not). We'll have this all figured out before next Thursday (9/11). Promise.

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