Thursday, August 7, 2008

August 7 City Council Meeting

Good news from the City Council meeting: Wilmer hired two new full time police officers!!! The rest of the recap is equally brief - no fireworks at the public hearing, no action on the zoning ordinance, and action on the Oncor rate increase was "suspended".

Mayor Don Hudson opened the meeting at 7:30 and Eugene Lowe gave the invocation. The consent items were approved after Councilwoman Tiny Lange questioned some excessive Office Depot expenses.

Prior to opening the Public Hearing, Mayor Hudson asked the Council to consider consolidating the two planned executive sessions into a single session following the public hearing and Oncor rate change.

The agenda stated the Public Hearing would discuss the annexation and base zoning of light industrial (I1) for the 95+ acre planned development just West off the railroad off Belt Line Road. The first speaker tried to confirm this and was informed by Mayor Hudson that the public hearing was limited to the annexation issue. John Phinney presented an informative briefing on beneficial public planning and societal issues. The Public Hearing was closed with some questions, but nothing controversial.

The City Secretary reported that Oncor would not be present and recommended the council suspend action on the rate increase as other municipalities in the affected service area had followed that course. Tiny Lange made a motion to suspend action on the measure and Marlea Hagen seconded. Attorney Rob Dillard advised the council to amend the motion to include the phrase "according to law". The motion was ammended and passed.

The council took a five minute break before reconvening in executive (closed) session.

Returning rom the closed session, both police officers under consideration were hired full-time. There was "no action required" on the agenda item to review and consider the Xebec zoning ordinance. The meeting was then adjourned.


Anonymous said...

Better than the last meeting. I briefly felt the pressure of a steam roller, but I think it must have backed up during the recess.

Anonymous said...

when you hear a businessmen at the conclusion of a meeting say "Well, that certainly was down home" you can some times take it as a compliment. But,
when you hear it as you leave the City Council Meeting I don't think it is meant as a compliment.

Mary Phinney
Resident of the Wilmer Community

Anonymous said...

I guess Hudson, Lange, Hagen, Wells and Leal were all there when they buried the bodies in Wilmer. After all, they are thick as thieves. Maybe we need to look at the bigger picture, huh Aubrey? This is your style of government, is it not? Down home? When will these "BIG 4" get their new shiny pickup trucks?