Friday, August 22, 2008

August 21 City Council Meeting

Mayor Pro Tem Matias Leal presided over the meeting after a small "pre-opening ceremony" where Mayor Hudson's name plate was replaced by Mr. Leal's.
Conspicuously absent following this week's dismissal of City Secretary Birdwell, no mention was made of Hudson's absence during the meeting.

After Mr. Lowe led the invocation, the council got down to business and voted to pay the bills and it was on to the evening's discussion items.

A representative from Waste Management gave a brief talk on continuing the city's negotiated rates for the last year of the current contract. As near as we can determine, the vendor wanted the City to award another 5 year contract without an RFP. For this consideration, they were willing to give us one year fixed price on the last year of our existing contract. Another representative of another waste management company spoke and stated that competitive biding historically resulted in lower rates for consumers. I appeared the city council approved the measure but it was unclear exactly what the measure was. We believe they voted to accept the vendor's offer to fix prices for one more year.

The next item, diverting $10,000 in community development grant aid from the Adams Street Ball Park, to pay for completed work on the existing parks on Kissel and at Cottowood Valley - was eventually tabled we think.

The next item, a watershed drainage easement South of Belt Line - was eventually tabled until the next meeting we think.

The pending litigation on the Estes property on Belt Line Road and the hiring of a new reserve police officer were considered in executive session. After reconvening in open session, no action was taken on the pending litigation. Congratulations to Reserve Officer Leake! (ED: Another leak in the police department, it just doesn't get any better than this folks!)


Katie Smith said...

Ha. And nobody asked what the hell was going on? Or did they just not answer?

Anonymous said...

I heard it was a 3-ring circus!

The Eye In The Sky said...

I was afraid to ask, I did not want to confuse them any more than they were already confused. It would seem that Walking Eagle had better things to do. BEWARE...this is a sign of worse things to come...only the beginning so to speak. And you nice people on East Beltline Road beware...Walking Eagle does not intend to help you with the problem at hand...just the opposite. His coharts are just as devious.

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this is true or not, but it is my understanding that Leal is telling people that he plans on being the first Hispanic Mayor of Wilmer. I have never seen or heard of removing the Mayor's name plate when the Mayor-Pro-Tem takes over? Even Lange never sank this low. Did Leal think no one would notice? Or is he just ego driven? Also, would you clear up something for me? Did they make Leake a reserve officer? It is being told "they did not".

Anonymous said...

Who is Walking Eagle?

Editor Publisher said...

To Anonymous 9/2/08 10:05AM
Mr. Leal has publicly expressed a desire to be the first hispaic mayor elected in Wilmer.
The Attorney changed the name plate before the meeting began - perhaps it was his way of saying that Hudson has no (legal) right to occupy the mayor's chair in this town.
All politicians have both giant egos and high social/dominance traits - seemingly a prerequisite for the job.

Now as for Leake, if he wasn't hired as a reserve officer then WHY is his termination on the agenda for the September 4 meeting (executive session)???

Editor Publisher said...

To Anonymous 9/2/08 10:07

The only reference I've heard about "Walking Eagle" was a slur about Democrat Preidential Candidate Barack Obama getting an "Indian name"... which we will not repeat here!