Thursday, July 31, 2008

REDO: Postcard from the City - choices?

At the author's request we're republishing a new version of "Postcard from the City - the only choices?" However, we couldn't bring ourselves to eliminate the first one.

I received a survey recently. I did not respond. I was asked to rate the
following in preferential order:

Pardon me, but most of the "Seniors" I know have more sense than to send
something like this out.

I can't help but ask myself who the witless wonder was that wasted postage
on it.

Here is what a person who really cares about Wilmer should respond!

_____ Police, Firemen and Paramedic salaries and equipment.
These men lay their lives on the line for us every time they respond to a call.

_____ Code Enforcement.
This is a way of treating all citizens equally and keeping the City neat and free of debris.

_____ Parks and Recreation.
That is, if and only if, the City survives and it encourages local residential growth.

These are essential to knowledgeable and informed citizens, young, middle-aged, and old alike.

There were not enough "others". Here are the others that should be listed, if you care about this city.

___Increased Residential Zoning for single family housing so the city can grow.

___Improved Water delivery so the above can occur.

___Retail development with a real honest to god grocery store and pharmacy.

(Although right now, I could stand a good stiff drink after looking at this post
card for two weeks. When did you say I could buy booze at the gas stations?
Buying booze at the gas stations? Does anyone see anything worrisome about
that concept?)

___Have lessons at the Library on Local Government and how it is
actually supposed to function.

See Chapters 6 and 7 of the Local Government
Code. Libraries and Methodist Churches used to have Chautauquas* for the general public.

This site has a link to the Texas Local Government Codes. Does anyone read in this City? Oh, that's right the Library has limited hours and the schools were shut down.

___Real representative local government.

One that is reasonably free of nepotism. Look it up. Despotism is the local form of government. The Library if it is open should have a dictionary.

___ Decide if Wilmer should remain an incorporated city.

___Decide to vote to be unincorporated and become the Dallas County
Industrial District with out local citizens.

The Mayor is not local any longer; he lives in another town and county.
So, why should any of us live here?

Ah! Now we have some things to think about and to rate in order of preference.

The Chautauqua Mission: 'The Unfolding of the Chautauqua Idea'

The Chautauqua grew out of a desire for information. It’s first year was devoted mainly to the Discipline and Sunday School issues. However, from its beginning and on into the 1950’s it, the Chautauqua, grew very rapidly. The founders and organizers very soon realized its real educational potential. The Chautauqua season grew longer and its offerings/program expanded to include secular education, science, language classes, views on politics, entertainments and, an extensive music program. The lectures on social, political, and historical themes were all added to the repertoire due to the public’s demand, curiosity and presented to the audience which included nearly every one in the community regardless of denomination or party views. Speakers were from local universities or specialists in various fields. Chautauqua was always religious core, but Chautauqua aimed to educate the local population. When the movement moved to the local libraries it dropped the religious core and emphasized broad educational topics from philosophy and literature to science. It was in the Church and in the Library a school for the masses.



Editor Publisher said...

Let's open up a new discussion thread shall we?

Anonymous said...

You should be fair. You say you are but you are not. You are not unbiased and you censor your information. It is funny how statements that are unflattering about other people are on here but I have talked to a few people that have made remarks about you and funny how they never got posted. I mean if this is a uncensored website should it not be fair to all.

Mr. Tax Payer said...

This is outlet for people to vent. If you are troubled by the fact that the host wishes to be a provider of a service and not a target, go elsewhere. He is not a city official nor a politician, it should not matter. No need to attack him, he is not the problem...Hudson, Lange and Wells are the problem. They are the officials, they are the ones to be held accountable, they are the ones to criticize, and our TAX DOLLARS BUY US THE RIGHT TO DO SO. Get over it. As long as Hudson rules, the rules will be broken and we will criticice loud and often. As the EAGLES sang, GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

Hate is a great thing to teach your children. Instead of just complaining about everything and everyone why don't you do something constructive with your time. Like maybe jump off of a bridge.

Anonymous said...

Why don't YOU throw some of your children off a bridge - that way the future will look brighter for the rest of us!

Editor Publisher said...

TO: Anonymous posters of 8/1/08 and 8/2/08
We've never claimed to be fair or unbiased and we're definitely NOT uncensored (remember those pesky comment guidelines we published?).
No apologies due for exercising editorial judgement.

As for teaching "hate" to your children - what do you call inviting someone to commit suicide? The only "hate" I see coming out of this blog is posted by anonymous commenters (like yourself). Disagree? Be specific, quote the articles with "hate" speech, engage in a discussion/dialog - that would be a constructive use of time.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you actually bring your issues to City Hall or do you just blog about. I don't see how that helps anybody.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'll ask (for the benefit of those too scared to). How do you get in? They take your name and screen your presence. If you are someone important (with money I guess) then all of the council members are called and appear within minutes with their hands out wanting to know what you want, but not letting you past the front lobby unless your money can't be seen from the public eye. Buzzards. Who wants to go into a hostile environment like that Diane? Now, there is a reason we speak through this forum and will continue to until the threats for our safety and freedom are quashed. I am tired of driving through Wilmer and having Hudson call a police car to follow me until I leave. I am tired of Wells' smoke filled car trailing me through the freedom of America.

Editor Publisher said...

Anonymous 8/7/08 2:14PM said...
Do any of you actually bring your issues to City Hall or do you just blog about.

As moderator and publisher of this blog I will go on record to state that the ineffectiveness of dealing with "City Hall" is the REASON this blog was created. Politicians are the CAUSE of the problems at "City Hall". My INTENT was to provide a public forum where citizens could speak out and speak up - unfortunately, Wilmer's politicians don't seem to be embarrased by their reported behavior - neither do they LISTEN or CHANGE.

Anonymous said...

It has been said in the past to just bring things to the publics attention and the council would respond. Well, I think alot of people have brought things to their attention and (as always) nothing has happened. For them public opinion does not matter. All that matters is that they lied enough at election time to get in office, then they know that they have at least one year maybe two, to do what ever they like. You don't have to agree with them, you just have to put up with them. I think almost everyone who received this post card thought it was a joke. Most citizens believe that the things that were asked on this postcard should be a given. Fire protection, police protection, paying a code officer, trash pick-up, ect. Was this card sent because the council and the Mayor really needed to know the answers or was this sent to try and show that they are doing a fine job? Either way, it seems that they have once again shown how ignorant they really are. All of them, except for one, has been on the bench for years. Did these problems just surface? well, we know that answers is no. So the answer must be they thought it would make them look smart. Either way, they lost.
They have confirmed our suspicions about them. They are ALL as dumb as a box of rocks.

Anonymous said...

I have reviewed, re-evaluated, and then prepared this "redo" on the post card issue. Still, STILL no one has really commented on the real content of the Post Card and its request to give preferential numbers to the services it listed. There are/were no direct comments regarding the Post Card's Quest for Preferences in Numerical Order.

No one was called any names. I didn't even use any of the names that the rest of you dredged up. I don't even know some of the ancient histories that seem to be bothering most of the responders and festering in their memories. The comments degenerated into what I can best describe as a "high school Slam Book from the 1950's".

Please there are some real issues and services that need to be addressed. Your Police Department needs equipment and decent salaries. They have been and will be asked to keep the peace and lay their lives on the line for all of us. This is not some job you rate as a preference in some numerical order. The Para Medics do the same thing when they make a call. It is not a job that should be given a numerical preference. Please stick to the subject.

Honestly, Mr. Editor, 96% of the responses should have been placed in a Response Column named the "Miscellaneous Bitch Blog"

Editor Publisher said...

Anonymous 8/10/08 said "Honestly, Mr. Editor, 96% of the responses should have been placed in a Response Column named the 'Miscellaneous Bitch Blog.'"

I must agree. Too bad the only tool available for comments is the publish/reject switch. Unfortunately, I just don't have the capability to rearrange comments into appropriate categories. Maybe folks will take heed and keep on topic.

We welcome all the comments - it is better to have a dialog regardless of how off topic it may become. We'd better exercise our free speech rights now before we lose them to tyranny in the future.

Anonymous said...

If Hudson had it his way, he would sue all of us to keep us quiet. Wow, didn't Linda Root do the same thing when she couldn't shut Hudson up?

Anonymous said...

To that last comment: The Mayor's husband sued Hudson for his lies and slander, not the Mayor. (Her name was supposed to be removed from that suit). But remember one of Hudson's pawns WAS found QUILTY of slander in that case and all Hudson did was hide behind a little old lady. At least someone in that town stood up to them.

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected, the Mayor and her husband sued Hudson. That's two people that have sued Hudson. Her name wasn't removed, so she sued him too, intending to or not. There will be more. Oh, and don't be surprised, he has been hiding behind crazy old lady Diane all his married life.

Anonymous said...

Careful what you say when you don't know the facts, because you really don't know what your talking about because the Hudsons did't lose any law suits, and I dare you to say that to Diane.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone stated that the Hudson's lost anything? As far as saying anything to Diane, who would? What is there to be afraid of if someone did? Is she magical or something? Will she have me arrested? Probably! Will she do back flips? Diane is great only in her own mind.

Windy said...

There are alot of people that think that Diane is great, her family for one, and if you like we can take this up in person? Aww I see that you hide behind the cloak of anonymous.

Mr. Taxpayer said...

The grandkids mother speaks...take your illegally sitting Daddy home and pilfer his bank account there. Leave us tax payers and our money alone. We don't need you, him or your momma here in Wilmer. All of you Hudsons were so glad to leave Wilmer when you built and MOVED INTO your fancy $250,000 HOMES IN PALMER and now that you are gone, we are still stuck with your unappreciative butts. GO THE HELL HOME. We are tired of your old man having the Well's police army follow and tail us through town, that is why we have to remain anonymous...nothing to hide, just tired of having our rights removed by the freak and his fellow freaks. TAKE YOUR DADDY AND HIS GIRL TINY HOME AND LEAVE WILMER ALONE. Hide Windy, the Feds are still watching you.

Someone who cares said...

Well I see that you don't post all comments, so this is really not for everyone to vent. This blog is only for a select few to bash people and hide behind the name anonymous.

Editor Publisher said...

COMMENT FROM "WINDY" REJECTED DUE TO PROFANITY but we'll cut-and-paste it HERE and "fix it"... just to be fair. If the poster is really Belinda Johnson call me and I'll be glad to explain - besides I'd like to interview you.

Mr. Taxpayer,
No the only reason that you remain anonymous is because you are a chicken s**t. You claim that you have nothing to hide then sign your name, as far as the FEDS watching me great because I really have nothing to hide. oh by the way there was only one new home built, and
really from the things I read I think that there is alot of jealous people out there. It's really sad that all people do is sit around and dog people that I feel are trying to do a good job. oh and watch it Mr. Taxpayer I have you almost figured out.:)

Editor Publisher said...

TO "someone who cares" posted on 09/04/2008 8:32AM

Only the author of a rejected comment would know whether that comment had been published. Had "Windy" changed just one word, there would have been no problem with the guidelines. Also, it is stated that using a nickname to post may be subject to rejection - the last time we rejected a comment due to a nickname it was from "administrator" - obviously that would have been very misleading to the readers so it didn't get published.

SO... are you impersonating Windy or "someone who cares"? My phone number is published on the home page of this blog - call me - I'd like to get your reaction to the follow-up piece I received on the drug testing incident.