Sunday, June 1, 2008

Big Money & Liquor

Wilmer Public Citizen has concluded our investigative series Secrets and Lies - Lies and Secrets, a convoluted tale of big money and dubious politics.

We have been informed that some citizens and local government officials are in the process of objecting to the recent local option liquor election in Wilmer. We don't know any of the details - only that a nnumber of people are concerned about the methods used to secure this ballot measure. We hear that some Dallas County officials are looking into this, but we have no confirmation of that.

In more recent news, the Dallas County Election Department has "certified" a similar ballot measure for the City of Irving in November, after defeats at the polls in two previous elections. As reported, over eleven thousand signaures were certified to place the measure on the November ballot in Irving.

Wilmer's chances of reversing these election results seem remote - perhaps the people of Irving can be more proactive. Given all that we've uncovered, it seeems highly unlikely that the results for the City of Irving will be less controversial than what we've experienced in Wilmer. At least they have time to participate in the process before the final results are in.


Josh said...

I think that it has something to do with the way the item was proposed beforehand versus how it was proposed on the ballot... it could come down to a simple wording issue of a few words (which is stupid I think). I've heard that it said something before hand like to sell "beer and wine" where on the ballot it said "beer, wine, and liquor."

If this is the case: if we're going to sell beer and wine, go ahead and sell liquor too; it only make sense to me.

We'll see if they talk about anything of this at the next council meeting, June 5th.

Jim Jones said...

Big Money and Liquor? How about Big Money and Wilmer Politics? The money goes past the liquor. I agree, if we are going to sell beer and wine, we might as well sell liquor too. We need all of the drugs and prostitution we can get our hands on. We sure are the cat's meow...we elect in a group of losers in which their favorite song is "oooo I love a little sidestep, now you see me now you don't", the Mayor doesn't even live in Wilmer but will lie through his teeth to say he does, the leading, ummm, (swallow hard) lady, is moving to Gilmer as we speak, the Mayor Pro-Tem wants to take over so bad he can't see straight and the "Root has-been" just sits around in a stupor wondering what the heck is going on. I think I'd rather be in Disney Land where life is good and all the little animals have a wonderful life. I can't wait until next year to see what else they will do to compliment their team.

By the way, what happened to John (just say YES to beer and wine) Eggen? First he gets a job for the city after all of his beer and wine sign raising, next he is gone. And now the Election Judge has a job in City Hall too? What is this about? See what I mean?

And "we the people" are just sitting around waiting to sell our property to the first developer that will buy it, giving in to a maladjusted leader because he can "show us the light to salvation". WAKE UP!! This book has been written before, even made a movie about need to read the outcome. Here, drink up, then lie down and go to sleep, you won't feel a thing.