Friday, May 30, 2008

Comment Guidelines

Wilmer politics are anything but politik or polite but lately there's a vengeful air in the blog comments - so it's time for some guidelines!

Let's get reasonable about publishing standards:

* No profanity or prayer - all comments are moderated (require approval before publishing)

* We won't publish reported third-party quotes as attributable to third parties unless verified with the alleged source of the quote

* Anonymous postings are accepted - "handles" (like "Admin") may be subject to some restrictions so as not to confuse our readers

* It is preferable NOT to post comments in all capital letters - please be judicious in the use of punctuation!!!!! (not like this)

* All content reflects the authors' opinions, Wilmer Public Citizen bears no responsibility for potentially objectionable content and will work diligently to service requests regarding inaccurate or objectionable content

* We allow all comments that follow these simple guidelines and we WELCOME civil comments (not required).

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