Thursday, May 8, 2008

More Campaign Literature

Two new pieces of campaign literature happened my way this past week. John Eggen mailed a letter to voters and an anonymous campaign letter was received via fax.
John Eggen's letter can be viewed by clicking here to view.

Anonymous posted this campaign letter in support of various candidates (and blasting some others) - Click Here to View Page 1
- Click Here to View Page 2.

We are still seeking an alleged bilingual letter aimed at hispanic voters and residents which was rumored to have circulated last week. If you received a bilingual letter about voting, please fax it (toll free) to 877-725-1853 or email a copy to

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Carroll Estes said...

To the Citizens of Wilmer You have once again been decieved by the current City Council. The annexation hearing last night were a joke. You have already been Annexed into Wilmer by a simple yet caculated Mistake by your Council. Dallas county will not act if you wanted to use your property as you would wish because of this Mistake. The Map Wilmer turned into Dallas County has the Lines drawn incorrect and Dallas County Must use this map and Ordance as Fact. If you do not wish to be part of this Corrupt City Council then Vote for Change! Ask the City Secretary for a Copy of the Annexation Ordinance 08-0403-A and the Map filed with Dallas County.