Saturday, May 10, 2008

Local Election Results *UPDATED*

With 100% of the precincts reporting, we feel fairly confident our election results are accurate. According to the Dallas Morning News, a runoff election for mayor and the one year council term is required - the results stand as reported.

Local Option Election FOR 173 51.3% AGAINST 164 48.66%

Mayor Don Hudson 169 48.29%
Mayor Teresa Bain 156 44.57%
Mayor Brian Sliter 25 7.14%

2 Year Term Tiny Lange 145 22.41
2 Year Term Matias Leal 126 19.47

2 Year Term Billy Wickliffe 106 16.38
2 Year Term James Jistel 101 15.61
2 Year Term Dennis Vandygriff 91 14.06
2 Year Term Vicky Vandygriff 78 12.06

1 Yr Term Marlena Hagen 126 38.18%
1 Yr Term Mary Evans 113 34.24%
1 Yr Term Stan Bell 91 27.58%

Can't wait for next year's races!


Josh said...

I agree. Can't wait until next year! (But then the only vote will be for the one-year city council seat, right?)

I seems the "Keep Wilmer Growing" just barely derailed the train, huh? wow.

Let's pray that they can do better than the previous term of people. :)

Anonymous said...

Just to let Josh know, next year there will be three seats up for election. The one year unexpired seat and two-two year expired seats. Thank you Josh for your interest in city government.