Friday, May 2, 2008

Channel 11 - Candidate Confusion

Jay Gormley of Channel 11 news (CBS) returned to Wilmer to uncover more controversy in the mayor's race on Thursday, May 1. Replay the video - click here!

The story opened with a statement by John Eggen that Wilmer's elections were "cut-throat, evil, dirty and vindictive" to set the tone of Gormley's report.

Gormley's story mostly restated their original coverage of Brian Sliter's candidacy, with a few unanticipated twists to the story. Gormley interviewed Crystol Birdwell about Sliter's withdrawal from the race and displayed the copy of Sliter's notarized withdrawal letter taped to the voting room door.

Supposedly Gormley received an email relating a controversy over incumbent Don Hudson's home adddress and arrived with camera crew to verify the location of Hudson's property. Mayor Hudson appeared on camera at his #6 Belmont home during the broadcast, blaming his critics for the controversy.

Gormley then moved on to the issue of Teresa Bain's application for a place on the ballot and the errors reported in this publication on March 25, 2008. Bain was not available for comment on camera or via telephone during the broadcast.

Our take on the reporter's summary: We may not have a viable horse in the mayor's race, but it was still going to be a tight contest.

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