Tuesday, April 22, 2008

All the Candidate Statements

We have finally received a statement from the Hudson-Lange-Hagen-Leal campaign stating their vision for the future. All the candidates' statements are now available online.

Hudson, Lange, Hagen and Leal's statements talk about their vision and plans for the future.

Click here to view the combined Don Hudson, Tiny Lange, Marlena Hagen and Matias Leal candidate statements.

Wickliffe, Bain, Evans and Jistel's statements talk about past accomplishments and future promises.

Click here to view the combined Teresa Bain, Billy Wikliffe, James Jistel and Mary Evans candidate statement #1.
Click here to view the combined Teresa Bain, Billy Wikliffe, James Jistel and Mary Evans candidate statement #2.

Stan Bell and Dennis & Vicky Vandygriff's statements talk about the qualifications and capabilities they each bring to their respective offices.

Click here to view Stan Bell's candidate statement.

Click here to view Dennis Vandygriff'scandidate statement.

Click here to view Vicky Vandygriff's candidate statement.

We have chosen not to re-publish mayoral candidate Brian Sliter's campaign statements as he has officially withdrawn from the race.

1 comment:

Joshua Armstrong said...

Well, I am a new citizen to Wilmer and all of this talk is very interesting. I am sorry that I just moved in because I probably am too late to be registered to vote in the upcoming election, May 10th.

I do look forward to being a part of the city and seeing what I can do to help it.

As a Christian, I do feel that God has some powerful things in store for Wilmer and that the city will be blessed in due time; believe me, from what I’ve read and seen thus far, it time is due for a blessing. I pray that the right people get elected; the right people being those who truly have the city’s best interest at heart.

Let’s get better water, better building codes for business, increase educational standards for our little ones, and increase the area where new homes can be developed to bring business to Wilmer… more than just fabricated promises, but positive change.
As a new dad by the end of the year, I do wish the best for Wilmer – a place where I can raise my children in confidence and assurance.

(Thanks to the editor of this blog. I have subscribed and I look forward to seeing what more is to come).