Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nepotism Case "No Billed" by Grand Jury

Potentially dark days ahead for the community of Wilmer. The Ellis County Press reports that Dallas County Grand Jury returned no bill of indictment in the Wilmer nepotism case last month despite testimony and documentation. Click here to read the Ellis County Press story online.

Once again the Dallas County District Attorney's office has failed the citizens of Wilmer in our struggle for corruption-free city government. Since Grand Jury proceedings are secret by nature, we have not been informed what charges were being considered by the Grand jury or how the District Attorney's office failed to present convincing evidence. Perhaps the Grand Jury was charged with protecting the public pocketbook of Dallas County and didn't feel the crime and corruption problems of a mere 3000 citizens were worthy of court time in "Big D". It seems that cancelled checks, dated resignation documents and sworn statements by council members that they understand the nepotism laws are considered insufficient evidence for trial. We may never know why there were no indictments handed down last month in the Wilmer nepotism case, but we are assured that the situation in Wilmer will continue to degrade our community, disenfranchise our residents and devalue our citizenship.

It is obvious that there is virtually no hope for Wilmer's political future given the status quo. Citizens working within the system have no defense against officials that ignore the legal system and rule Wilmer by "royal edict". There is no legal recourse for Wilmer's concerned citizens to pursue in the course of change. Essential city services are only made available to residents when given permission by elected official and treated as political favors. Our problems are "systemic" - our problems occur because the system itself is corrupt in Wilmer.

We must be careful in what we advocate. We must be conscious of how we put ourselves and our families at risk because of our words and deeds. We must learn to "think outside the box" or be trapped inside of it. Drastic change requires drastic measures.

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