Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Newer Format Wilmer Public Citizen

We haven't published many news articles recently, but we have made major changes in our format. Here's what to look for in the "right column":

Our advertising has been reformatted to provide a cleaner visual impression, so that all the news is "up front" and all the advertising fills the end space.

We've incorporated "full feeds" from other online news services instead of simply links to their sites. See the top five stories on feeds from,, The Daily Dish (, and We strongly encourage you to use these links! This will bring readers from these larger syndicated sites and make our news more visible on the net.

We've expanded our Media Links section to include a Custom Search of the Ellis County Press online, and links to the Ellis County Observer, and the Dallas Morning News online, as well as links to national and international alternative news services like Democracy Now! and INN Global News.

And if you've noticed our articles have a number of underlined keywords that link to other articles courtesy of Jiglu. Click the "View Tag Map" button for an idea of our frequent keywords.

Plus we still have our own "Top News Stories" "Information and Forms" "Article Index" and "Blogs of Interest" sections to help you on your journey to comprehensive information.