Friday, November 16, 2007

City Officials Meet With Allen Group

Ms. Leslie Jutzi and another representative from the Allen Group met today with City officials to discuss bringing new water line connections to Wilmer from the Dallas Water supply in Lancaster at Bonnie View/Wintergreen.

Councilmen Eugene Lowe and Billy Wickliffe met behind closed doors with City Administrator Thom Lauer and representatives from the Allen Group. The meeting did not comprise a quorum of the city council, yet both Mayor Don Hudson and Councilman Dean Rollison were present on the grounds of City Hall as the meeting closed. Mr. Rollison and Mr. Lauer met briefly while Lowe and Wickliffe waited in Mr. Lauer's city furnished police cruiser. Concurrently, Mayor Hudson met in the parking lot with the two members from Allen Group.

Calls to Ms. Jutzi of the Allen Group were not returned. Ms. Jutzi had previously indicated that the Allen Group had no further plans for Wilmer after an agreement for grants to fund the $21M road improvement project were rejected by the Wilmer City Council in September.