Thursday, October 18, 2007

City Council Lacks Quorum on Atmos Rate Proposal

Wilmer City Council Meeting scheduled for 7:30PM was called off due to lack of quorum by Mayor Pro Tem Billy Wickliffe at 7:45PM.

Tiny Lange was the only other council member in attendance. City Secretary Crystol Birdwell and City Administrator Thom Lauer were present. Mr. A.C. Drones from Atmos MidTex Division was scheduled to speak at the meeting requesting the City's approval of an increase in natural gas rates. The Atmos rate increase proposal had been considered at the October 4 Council meeting but was tabled pending advice from the City Attorney. Atmos had offered to exempt Wilmer and other cities from additional cost recovery for preparing the rate case if the new rates were approved prior to October 25.