Saturday, September 22, 2007

Help Wilmer Public Citizen Get the News!

Wilmer Public Citizen needs your help in researching and verifying stories prior to publication. If you've got information or experiences to share or can assist our efforts to obtain documents, email us at use our fax line at 877-725-1853 or call the Editor at 214-244-7689.

We are soliciting volunteers to help check out our stories and retrieve information from government sources. Unfortunately, being identified with the Wilmer Public Citizen isn't conducive to gaining the cooperation of our city officials. So it's quite possible that you have easier access to information than the press.

We're interested in your reports and eye witness accounts of any newsworthy topics, just contact us. If you're a writer, so much the better! We have a mountain of information to dig through before the "whole truth" can be discovered. If you'd like to help us out and wish to remain anonymous, we have lots of "confidential sources" - you can be one too.

If we had just three or four citizens retrieving data, verifying information, picking up a document, emailing a "tip", our reporting would be much more timely. As it is, the time required for us to get documents from the City is about a calendar month.

By the way, special thanks go out to all those "confidential sources" that have assisted with information and document sharing - you all know who you are!