Friday, September 7, 2007

Citizens Beware - Watch Your Mouth at City Hall

It has come to our attention that the notion of a private conversation with a Wilmer city official could be completely outdated. These days your conversation may be recorded without your knowledge.

Confidential sources report that the some individuals in the City Administration have taken to recording all conversations with members of the community without prior knowledge or consent. Texas is a "single party" state when it comes to recording conversations - only one of the parties involved need be notified of and consent to the recording and that person can also be the person making the recording. This is contrasted to the Linda Tripp prosecution in the Monica Lewinsky case, because Maryland is an "all parties" state when it comes to recordng conversations - all parties to the conversation must consent for the recording to be lawful.

As a public service, Wilmer Public Citizen advises you to "Watch Your Mouth" when you communicate with city officials - especially if the conversation becomes contentious. Free speech has limits and obligations as well as consequences.