Saturday, June 30, 2007

Welcome to Our News Service

Community News Information and Events for Wilmer, Texas

This is the place for the most in depth coverage of news and information around Wilmer, Texas.
Besides news stories, we've got a full featured forum for our readers where you can submit your stories, rumors, concerns, rants, raves to the community bulletin board. We're planning a full set of information about City Hall - department/employee directories, public works projects, licenses and fees, boundary and zoning maps, city ordinances - and photos of the City Council and administrative staff so you'll know "who's who"in Wilmer city government. You can also find pertinent information for dealing with city government when things don't seem to be "working". If you believe in community activism, we have a wealth of information resources to help get the ball rolling.

We're working on several in depth investigative reports and photo essays on Wilmer's public figures and developments including recent financial, personnel, assets and contracting issues. Get active and get involved in the community - the power of the people is exercised through the power of the press. And we're totally advertising free - Wilmer Public Citizen is a community service news outlet. If you have information or topics you would like to see reported, email or call our toll free anonymous tip line at 877-725-1853.

Joe Aldrich, Publisher
phone 214-244-7689