Sunday, May 11, 2014

Casarez and Madrigal - Wilmer New Crime Family

Mayor A.H. Casarez expressed his frustration at losing the mayoral race, Saturday, May 10, by stealing a large 4'x4' full color "MAYOR HOUSTON" campaign sign across from the Police Station. Class B misdemeanor charges have been filed with the Wilmer PD. An arrest warrant has been issued by Dallas County Sheriff's Department. Grand Jury indictments are still pending regarding the criminal trespass of Casarez, Madrigal, Lewis, et. al. at a property on South Dallas Avenue on the first day of the campaign back on March 1.

Alderman Hector Pena observed soon-to-be-former-mayor A.H. Casarez remove an opposition campaign sign across from the police station and put it in his vehicle. Mr. Pena pursued the Casarez vehicle after notifying the Wilmer Police Department of the theft. The owner of the sign was contacted and verified that a complaint would be filed to pursue charges against mayor Hector Casarez.

There were at least three other citizens and one police officer who witnessed the events leading up to and following the theft of the sign.

Wilmer Citizen's investigation continues into the various members of the Casarez "Family's" activities:

* Solicitation of "donations" from parties having matters pending before the council or city commissions.

-----> Mayor and City Administrator conspired to solicit monies from corporations and individuals with items appearing on the city's agenda pending consideration or action. Numerous administrative irregularities and unlawful short cuts have been discovered in the handling of several matters pending before the city administration involving these "donors" and various members of the city staff.

* Money laundering by depositing those solicited donations in the city's general funds into expense accounts as credits and later disbursing the funds for un-appropriated, un-authorized, un-approved and un-documented expenditures.

-----> Numerous statutory and penal code violations were committed when these monies were disbursed from the general funds without proper warrants, authorizations, and orders from the council directing the disposition of these funds. Most of the city staff is complicit in the unlawful use of public funds without proper authorization or adequate record keeping in furtherance of the mayor's unlawful practices (racketeering).

* Misconduct & Abuse of Office in the misuse of city resources for personal gain to abate leak caused by the mayor's group's criminal trespass on South Dallas Avenue (indictment pending).

-----> Mayor's group destroyed an outside water faucet causing a leak while trespassing on private property. The Mayor made an emergency call on a Saturday to dispatch a city water truck to turn off the water at the property. The mayor's "Personal gain" is in avoiding having to rightly pay a plumber to fix the damage on private property and misusing the taxpayer's money to remediate property damage caused by his criminal acts. Leaks on private property are not the responsibility of the city water department, although it could be argued that the leak may have constituted an emergency allowing the city to intervene, the fact that the leak was caused by a criminal act by a public official would be material in determining whether the use of city services and resources needed to be reimbursed to the city.

* Defrauding the state of Texas, Dallas County, and the City of Wilmer of lawful ad valorem tax revenue by certain council members living in deceased parent's house using dead parent's tax exemptions. Council members are not allowed to sit on the city council while owing money to the city.

----->One council member lives in dead mother's house fraudulently claiming homestead, disability and over-65 tax exemptions on property still titled in mother's married name - AND - the council member intentionally tried to conceal that fact by publishing notices only in deceased mother's maiden name to avoid being discovered by DCAD analysts and having a re-adjusted appraisal and tax bill without those exemptions since September 2012. Another example of defrauding the system for personal gain by our elected public officials.

* Filing false financing statements on campaign finance reports

--> Mayor Casarez, Council member Phyllis Slough, and Candidates Disrie Lewis and Kodiak Dallas Chadwick all filed identical campaign finance reports, written in the same hand, claiming all campaign expenses were paid by the candidates out of pocket with no donations, contributions-in-kind, or other financial assistance or support. This seems highly unlikely as Disrie Lewis is on record as a recipient of the city's public assistance funds for Christmas, thus would be unlikely to have the reported cash on hand for out of pocket expenses in these amounts.

All candidates had co-incidently independently designated Candy Madrigal as their Campaign Treasurer. All signs, pamphlets and business cards for all the candidates state "Paid for by Candy Madrigal, Campaign Treasurer" - yet the reports all say the candidates paid for their own expenses from their own pockets. SO - Were the signs and election materials paid for by Candy and the candidates neglected to report the income from Candy as the source of their finances? If so, did Candy finance the campaign from her own pocket, or did she accept donations from individuals and corporations and "launder" that money for the candidates? OR - Did each candidate give Candy a check or other financial instrument for the expenses on a pro-rata share basis? In the latter case, candidates are going to have to show where those expenses came out of their pockets - or admit they misreported the income from Candy. In either case, Candy Madrigal has some serious explaining to do before the public and the authorities and pony up the cancelled checks and deposit records to show where this money came from and comply with the election code and campaign finance laws.


Anonymous said...

Idiots all

Anonymous said...

Idiots .....the new crew elected is corrupt as we'll.

Anonymous said...

Self interest, self interest. The more things change the more they stay the same!!

Anonymous said...

Were not all your campaign signs paid by Clayton Homes in Wilmer?

Editor Publisher said...

Yes - they were contributed to the various candidate's campaigns. Once contributed, contributions in kind become the property of the candidate.